Shoulder Saving Grace

Bless all bosoms, the smaller to larger and all sizes in-between! Here at Shibue we believe in supporting all girls, women and ladies in their quest for ultimate comfort, confidence and support. So for ladies blessed with larger busts, we’ve developed a new range of support wear that’s different to the rest.

 It’s a paradox in society and human nature really, the ladies with less want more and the women with the most want less! 

So what’s the answer to this eternal conundrum? Well unfortunately there’s no magic pill, potion (or lotion) to reduce or increase any kind of size on your body. But what you can do and what you can nurture successfully, is a healthy love and respect for what you do have. That, is the Shibue way forward.

For ladies endowed with larger cups than average, it’s a blessing as much as it is a burden (take it from me – I know!). A larger bust makes all kinds of clothes and fashion choices look great, it’s like an accessory really. But it’s not without it’s burden! Back-aches, poor posture and neck pain can accompany, so any kind of pressure relief is more than welcomed.

Shibue identified an opportunity to support softer shoulder impact for larger busts and it’s an incredible yet simple concept. Basically, a silicon shoulder cushion set (two in one packet), provide the user with relief from bra strap pressure. They also prevent the standard dents, marks and slips or slides from daily wear.

A standard under wire bra or thin strap bra on a larger busted woman can leave painful red marks and tender shoulders. So the shoulder savers really help in reducing or completely eliminating those inconveniences by being a buffer between your shoulder and the strap.

 Fast Facts about Shoulder Savers:

  1. There are two different colours you can choose from (black or nude), so you can select the right tone for your daily outfit easily.
  2. They are so easy to care for! Simply rinse after wear by using warm water and a mild laundry soap. Hang to air-dry outdoors – you’re all set for next time!
  3. Easy to use and not noticeable under clothes.
  4. Reusable and long-life capacity (with care).

So you see, there is really no reason at all to suffer with the mixed blessing (and burden) of a larger chest. Iif you wear a bra, why withstand annoying pinching and strap movement? Reduce the discomfort by securing a pair of fantastic shoulder savers today.

shoulder bra cushions