Shibue - For A Sassy Summer

It’s been a looooong, long winter. Excuse us autumn but where were you? So, thank you to the super sweet sun Gods and glistening Goddesses, for shining a little bit of bright, back into the UK. Our pasty paws salute you!

 If you’re feeling anything like we are, you’re ready to get to the more fun part of the fashion year and bring the more fun, flirty fashion pieces back into swing. 

 Time to get rid of those winter layers and get a nice glow in the sun! 

Shibue sexy sassy summer

Don’t you just love summer? It’s that time of year again when Londoners lounge on Hyde Park greens while the sun plays ‘peek-a-boo’ with clouds. When Brighton babes cool off in the sea and every city starts simmering with fresh energy, buzzing with life and fashion forward expression.

But hold on - wait a minute, let’s chat about our least favourite part of this time, oh yes, you know, the dreaded and unintended immodest moments. The times when plainly obvious panty lines are on show, those unintended nip-slips and when support is, err, not so supportive. How do we ensure adequate coverage, without the expense of our outfit selection?

 Well! Aside from requiring a little bit of summer prep for the welcomed change in season (think beach days, lighter club wear, park days and fun days), there are a whole heap of perfect resources to support good coverage and support, in your flirty, fun fashion!

 Guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen: When the time comes for your waterfront boardwalk strut, make sure you’re walk and wear ready with some sensational (and sexy) highly comfortable bits that fit in all the right places.

Shibue has your summer sensational (sans panty-lined bottom) covered, so come and connect with us ASAP. We have got so many goodies for your glamorous and gorgeous summer! We can’t wait share it all with you!

Get your mandatory summer-savvy (and modesty supportive) pieces like:

 And so much more…

Of course, seamless underwear and support materials aren’t just for the ladies, nor are they solely for summer! A little peace-of-mind for fashion pieces which require a soft but stabilising hold on form, are exactly what’s needed in so many domains and contexts.  

Shibue has all the cool comfortable coverage for:

  • Models
  • Brides to Be
  • Yoga Lovers
  • Ballet Dancers
  • Fitness Fanatics
  • Rio Carnival Go-ers
  • Stage Performance Artists
  • Exotic Dancers and Strippers
  • Yummy (about-to-be) Mummies

So stay tuned to our Blog Bits for sensational sassy updates on how to wear your strapless thong, bikini booster bits and much more! 

We’re here to make your summer more fun and freeing! So you can Salsa, Shimmy and say ‘HEY! That was fun!’

Yours in Sassy Summer coverage, Shibue xoxo